54 years to the day that PETE BEST made his
second and last appearance as a Beatle on BBC Radio
he returned to where the group made their
historic debut.

A place where 'The Beatles' name was first heard
and introduced across the UK
on prime time radio...
and it happened from Manchester from the former
BBC Playhouse Theatre in Hulme,
M/Cr 15.
Report below...

Pete Best's return to the former BBC Playhouse Theatre in
Hulme brought out
an extra special guest in the guise of
Mark Lewisohn, the worlds leading Beatle authority and
bestselling author who arrived to examine the Grade II
building for himself, his presence further endorsing the
landmark and event for its significance and importance
in The Beatles story! - Paul Wilde

"I'm sure his findings will appear in a future publication
and pleased we spoke together on stage where he
introduced a rare BBC log book from the very show we
had come to celebrate...!"

"An amazing artefact presented to him by Peter Pilbeam
as the original BBC radio producer who auditioned and
gave them their historic debut! The log detailed the
group's song choice that included Dream Baby and Please
Mr Postman. Mark keen to point out that this may have
been the first time a Motown song had ever been heard
on UK wireless which is an amazing fact in itself!"

"What followed next was the BBC producer himself
Peter Pilbeam sharing his memories of The Beatles
with an insight into the process of recording and
broadcasting those pop radio shows back in the early
60's.The audience showing their deep appreciation
with his autograph much in demand that day!
Peter Pilbeam we can't thank you enough."
Paul Wilde

"Pete Maclaine was kind enough to be interviewed and recall
how fans would congregate on the balcony above the stalls
screaming and shouting during the recording of BBC's
'Teenagers Turn'
His backing group The Dakotas left to
join Billy J Kramer as part of the Brian Epstein stable.
Despite this he was not bitter and explained how
these things occurred in the world of pop back then!
A great man and still performing today every month at
the Horse and Farrier in Gatley, Cheshire"
Paul Wilde.

Also in attendance was Freda Kelly, the Beatles official
fan club secretary to endorse the occasion along with
Elaine Nash sister of Graham. Both congratulated me
on a great day which was in aid of the buildings
continued restoration that sits quietly tucked away
within a social housing estate in Hulme.

A special thank you also goes to The Threetles who
provided the music treating fans to songs performed
by The Beatles on their debut and so much more!
However, original drummer Pete Best returning to
the stage where he made history as a Beatle topped
the event and took us back to when the group performed
at the Oasis Club on Lloyd St and at the Three Coins,
Fountain Street which incidentally is the birthplace of
Manchester Beat. He didn't hold back either being
frank and honest about life in Hamburg, his sacking
as a Beatle and his appearances at the Playhouse
returning to the same stage 54 years later!

"Maybe one day we can do it all again but for now
I feel honoured to have pulled it together and the
church has gained by the money raised £1800"

"My thanks to all those who contributed and help me
run the day Roy, Brian and Lorraine but especially
Roag Best who manages his brother Pete and runs the
historic Casbah Club in Liverpool."
Paul Wilde

As published in the Manchester Evening News Saturday 18 June 2016

Former BBC Playhouse in 60's...

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